Five Card Story: The wish that went awry

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As a boy of now 6 years celebrated his birthday, he thought of all the exciting things he was learning about in school; how bugs live, different kinds of boats and they even got to watch movies! It all seemed more exciting than his own life where he would only go to the beach every now and then with his family for fun.
When it was time to make a wish on his birthday, the boy decided to wish for a change; he wished his life would be as exciting as what he was learning in school.
When the boy woke up the next morning, he felt a little different. He opened his eyes and was outside, which was very curious. As he tried he rub his eyes, all of a sudden he realized he didn't have arms! He tried to look at himself and saw the craziest thing he could imagine: he was a bug! Just like the kind he was learning about in school....which meant his wish had come true! Oh no, oh no! He thought it was maybe all a bad dream, so he tried to go back to bed.
Surprisingly, it worked! But this time, when the boy awoke, he could smell the salty water and he could hear the whooshing of waves. He opened his eyes and he was looking straight into the ocean! His wish had turned him into a sailboat! He didn't know how to swim very well, so this new change really scared him. "Please change!" he thought to himself.
The boy was scared to even open his eyes this time, but then he noticed that he could feel his arms and legs again. Could he be back to his normal self? He opened his eyes and looked around. Everything seemed to be fairly normal until he saw the people standing next to him. They were some of the seven dwarfs! The boy knew that story well since they had just read it and watched the movie in class! If their faces looked like that, then what did his face look like? He slowly put his hands to his face, and shock ran through him that it didn't feel like his own face! He looked at his reflection in the window close by and sure enough, he was one too! This day was just too hard to handle, so the boy sat down on the ground, put his head in his hands and wished he could be back with his family again. He wouldn't complain about his life being boring ever again!
"Oh no, not again!" thought the boy. However, when the boy opened his eyes this time, he was on the beach with his family, who were all laughing and having fun. The boy was so happy to be back and now knew to be careful what he wished for!

The end!

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