Five Card Story: A Mystery

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a Five Card Flickr story by Nicholas Denton created Feb 19 2016, 08:27:18 pm. Create a new one!

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"That house...why does nobody know about it?" he muttered to himself. He had been walking around and asking people about it but no one knew anything. The house hadn't been there 2 days ago and then bam it was right there. The odd circumstances brought paranormal investigators from all over the world to this town, and luckily he had been one of the first. he had been staying just outside the city limits so getting to it was easy, the hard part was finding anything out about it. everyone in the town swears that the house had always been there when questioned further most will mention that they don't have any specific memories about it,but assured me that it had always been there. The others were much more unnerving when these people are questioned too far they will begin to scream incoherently and beg me to help them before the go rigid and their expression will go blank. then they will start up as if nothing happened if questioned the same way they repeat, seemingly indefinitely. Suddenly someone ran to him, he looked like one of the hysterics. "you have to help us go tho the library near the house a book will be there you are the only one that can stop this please" he froze. he looked at me confused and walked away. I went to this library and hesitated at the door something horrible will happen if he goes in 'but I just have to know..." He entered the library. What he found in the book he will never tell. After he found it the house vanished and with it everyones memories of the house went with it. Only one man remembered it and he wished he didn't

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