Five Card Story: Trying to make it home

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Waking up on a a Sunday morning i decided to go for a jog i got dressed and headed out the door i jogged 3 miles away from home and decided to head back home. It started to get foggy so i started to run a little faster and because i knew it would start back raining agin so as i was running i heard a car behind me so i ran to the side a little to get out of the way but the car seemed to not be passing, the car was slowing down so i ran even more faster and the car was speeding up behind me i was far away from home and i didn't see any houses near i just kept running and running but i tripped and fell and the car stopped and a man got out walked up to me i tried yelling for help but nobody could hear me. He grabbed me and covered my mouth with a rag and i passed out, i woke up in the back of a car that smelled like something died in it i kicking the door and pulling it but it wouldn't come open he noticed i was awake and and stopped the car and hit me i passed out aging this time i woke up in a basement tied up to a chair the men walked up to me and hit me he then grabbed my hair and pulled it, i asked him why is he doing this what do he want with me but he just laughed and continued doing what he wanted he grabbed a knife and cut me across my face he then beat me and i passed out from it, i been missing for about two months now i haven't eating anything since i last remember.One day the man came and got me un-tired me i was to weak to fight i had no energy to do anything he put me and put me i the back of his car and when i looked it was dark outside he covered mouth and i passed out when i woke up i was tied up and then we came to a stop he grabbed me and un-tied me still too weak to fight he took me to the side i headed water but i couldn't really see it all i know we was by water he looked at me and throw me as i was falling i was thinking am i going to die like this next thing i hit the water it was so cold i couldn't breath i looked up at the sky thing why me why this happen to me, my eyes closed and all i could see was a white light......

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Serenae (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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