Five Card Story: The Route To

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a Five Card Flickr story by r. damerons created Mar 15 2016, 01:20:52 pm. Create a new one!

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Once I crossed into the vast expanse of the open field, I decided to give up; I was through with trying to find him. If he didn't want me to find him, that was up to him. I swallowed back the guilt in my decision, and made my way back to the road, where my car awaited me, humming in place. I peddled down the road, thoughts still wrapped up in wherever he was hiding, and why he didn't want me to find him. At some point, I looked over and found a scrap piece of paper wedged between the seats adjacent to me. During the next red light, I tugged on the paper and managed to read it quickly: it was a list of groceries to buy on the front, with the bare bones of an address scrawled on the back. Just a street name, and a P.O. box. It wasn't my handwriting - it was his, and the paper seemed fresh and newly ripped out, so I just knew he left it there and was waiting for me to read it and find him. Switching into the next lane, and next exit following, I drove towards the address, brow furrowing and anger increasing; I couldn't believe he was leading me on this wild goose chase for no good reason other than just to get a kick out of it. At the address, and upon sight of the mailbox, I pulled over and stepped out furiously, looking for him, when I heard a swelling of music in the background, already playing since I had pulled into the street, transition into a tune of romance at my arrival. A quirky cast of band members, behind the glass of the building from where the P.O box sat, was strumming mildly in my direction. I inched forward, and there he was: playing the guitar, unabashedly, smiling at my combination of fury, surprise, and something else...

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