Five Card Story: A Midnight Mystery

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a Five Card Flickr story by Kayla Smith created Apr 05 2016, 03:06:54 pm. Create a new one!

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I remember my first trip to see my best friend in her home country of Britain. I thought the city would be just as Dan and Phil had described London, and I believed there would possibly be wizards and witches around, thanks to my reading Harry Potter. I arrived, and met up with Lily at the airport. The place was astonishingly gorgeous. Lily and I walked around for a while, and we called a taxi to take us to her home, where I would be staying. Night had fallen, and it was pitch black out. There wasn't a star to be seen in the sky. I decided that it would be a good time to take a midnight hike. I wish I wouldn't have been so careless. I grabbed my backpack, a flashlight, as Lily called it a torch, and I took a blanket with me. Lily followed me, and into the night we roamed the streets and countryside. It couldn't have been an hour later, and I managed to have ran into what I had believed to be a castle. "Lily! Come look at this!" I whispered loudly. "What is it, Kayla? We've been walking all night, and I'd like to get some sleep." Lily said, as she looked at the castle I had stumbled upon. "That's Alnwick Castle, you know, the one Harry Potter was filmed in?" I nodded my head in response, acknowledging that I knew of the films. I saw a shadow of something that looked like giant birds in the forest near the castle, and I decided to take a closer look. "Kayla, I wouldn't do that!" Lily warned me, but I was paying no mind to her. I heard a deafening screech, and saw a huge bird-like thing roaring up at me, its pointy beak somehow glinting even with how dark it was. I recognized the creature at once, "Lily! Its a Griffin!" I yelled, and she shook her head from the bushes she hid behind. "I don't see one!" She yelled back, as I became puzzled. How was it, I could see the Griffin, but Lily could not? "Just come have a look!" I said, waving her over. "There's a whole head of them!" Lily soon joined me, but looked at me oddly as she gazed into the forest with her flashlight. The beam landing on one of the smaller griffins. "Kayla, that's a head of cattle," she laughed, as I became even more frustrated with the situation. The situation was a puzzle that I had only begun to piece together. I turned away from the forest and decided to try something with the toy wand I had owned. I never knew where I had gotten it, but it was always with me. I walked to one of the gaping front doors, pointed my wand, and muttered under my breath. "Liberatus," I had muttered, and the door slowly but surely opened. "Lily?" I yelled, but she was gone, which left me alone with a small piece of a larger puzzle in my life.

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