Five Card Story: Meeting a New Friend (Nature)

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Once upon a time, there was a turtle named Leonardo, he call himself Leo. He loves looking up the sky to gaze upon it's beauty and he always say to himself "One day I'll explore the nature and wonders of the world! For I believe that the beauty of the world lies in the nature!" everyday he was like this, he always gazes up to the sky, dreams, but never do anything. Until one day, has decided that he will travel, so he started to walk and walk and walk, until he noticed that the scenery changed, from a colorful and luscious greens it turned to dull and gray colors. Then he realized that this place is already far from his home, for he knows that this place is already a city! The loudness of the horns of cars and trucks, the chattering of the people, he just can't stand it! So he decided that he would just travel along the beach side, at least here the noise is tolerable. Then suddenly he noticed the scenery once again changed, from the dull and grayish colors, orange, yellowish, dark, colors started to envelop the sky and ground he was standing on, but he wasn't afraid. He was sad yet happy at the same time, for he once again looked up, and he suddenly missed his old home, the luscious and colorful forest he was once on. Yet he was also happy, for he had done something he never did before, to go to an adventure, to travel the world. He went under a tree, hid inside his shell, then slept. The next morning he heard a weird squishing sound, he peeked his head out of his shell, then saw a lizard! He wondered what was a lizard doing in this part of the city, so he shouted at the lizard, "Hey you! you greenish lizard! What is your name and what are you doing here!?" The lizard quickly notices Leo, and answered "Hey there! My name is Jade, and I'm here to explore the world! What about you?" Leo was surprised! He never thought that someone else would want to explore the world just like him, "My name is Leonardo! But you can call me Leo instead! I too is out here to explore the world!"Leo replied, Jade was also surprised and excitedly replied "Really?!?! perhaps you would like for us to explore the world together? Our adventure around the world would be less lonely and tedious with a companion. "Yes! Of course I would like to travel around the world with you!" Leo hastily replied, and so they started their journey together, to travel around the world, to see the beauty of nature in every corners of this world, for they both believe that the beauty of the world can be seen in it's nature. But what they never knew, that this world's beauty is not in it's nature, its in the friends you'll find while journeying to find it's beauty.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) krutscjo (4) Serenae (5) Serenae

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