Five Card Story: Paradise Wasteland

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Nothing is as it seems on the outside as it is on the inside. That much is definitely true for Marcus. A young twelve year old boy who never had much, but always valued what he had. He had been the "quiet kid", an "invisible", a "loner" if you will. What time he didn't spend in a book he spent at the beach. Not swimming like other kids his age. Just watching, and internalizing. Marcus lived with his father and brother in an apartment on the south side. While his father had been an ill mannered drunk, his brother was on the lazier side. When he was out, he had usually been getting in trouble with the police. Marcus never had a positive roll model except his mother. A woman who took pride in what she did, and what she had. Marcus knew that the only way to get away from this beautiful wasteland was to work for it. Although his brother attempts to convince him that crime is the easy way out. He still knew better. Every day after school Marcus would visit his mother, the same as he did when she was alive. He'd sit down right in front of her and tell her how his day had been, how school was, and how home was. Only to walk home in tears after he tells her at the end how much he misses her. Marcus stopped each day half way to get rid of his tears before he made it back to his neighborhood. He had always stopped, wiped them away, and stare at the skyline. This land he never wanted to be in. The same place he wanted to leave. This paradise wasteland.

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