Five Card Story: "Not Too Much Heart Break" (Litotes)

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There's a woman sitting and waiting for her date in a bar. She has been waiting for over two hours, but she thinks, "That's not too long." As she waits longer and longer, she starts thinking about the divide between her and her ex husband. She remembers how much he hates her for what she did, but to try and make herself feel better, she thinks that he doesn't dislike her too much. As the waiter hands her another drink, he can't help but view her as a rose between a rusting chain link fence, trapped but still trying to be beautiful. She continues to sit there and wait, her head in the clouds, for a date she hopes will come. And as two hours becomes three, and three becomes four, she still says "He'll be here soon, I'll wait a little more, it hasn't been that long." But what she doesn't know is that her date found out what she had done to her ex husband, and did not want the same to happen to him. As she waits ever longer, she starts to dream about moving far away, where no one knows her and she can start over again. The night ends with a sad woman walking home, still wondering if her date would've shown up.

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