Five Card Story: James's Day

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James was no stranger to abandonment so he never expects much from people. One day, James received news that he was going to be put in a new group home, and his new family was coming to pick him up on his birthday. James felt pleased but his thoughts were completely overridden with horror and worry. He was worried no one was going to like him and it was going to be boring. Even worse, he could be put in a terrorizing group home. James heard many stories stringed from the horrors other kids he met witnessed. He kept himself up every night, from worry, until the day of his birthday. Two adults showed up to meet him but he was reluctant to speak. They gathered his belongings and set off. The entire ride there he was quiet, only staring out the window-blurring out and ignoring questions they were asking him. He wondered where they were going, as the city buildings started to fade into trees during the drive. They pulled into a huge parking lot and told him to leave his things in the car. He was scared as they all three walked up to a big gate. Behind the gate were other children and another adult. He began to hear weird noises off in the distance. As they walked closer he tried to read the sign above the gate but the only word he understood was "ZOO." James got goosebumps from excitement. He was introduced to the other kids in which he'd be staying in the same group home with. On they went to explore the zoo. After the zoo they drove to a restaurant and James had his first ever birthday dinner. James began to open up more following these events. He was more willing to talk and engage in other activities with the other children. He enjoyed himself and, for once, felt loved.

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