Five Card Story: ghost stories

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"Don't go where I can't see you!" I called out to my sister, as I saw her trotting down the pathway, leaves crunching beneath her boots. She slowed her pace down, waited for me to catch up, and together we eased on down the pathway.
A few moments of quiet walking later, we finally reached the end of the woods, and the beginning of the road that took us to the less populated part of town.
"We can't go here - look!" My sister complained, pointing at the street sign blocking the road beyond.
"Sure we can't, squirt." I replied, taking her hand and easily moving us past the road sign. She fidgeted in my grasp, as expected, since she's never trespassed before. "Look, don't you trust me? Where we're going is totally cool, I swear." I reassured her; this seemed to ease her, and she stopped pulling back from my grip. She remained quiet for the duration of our walk, but her hand never left mine the entire time. After a while, when our destination came into clearer focus, her eyes widened and she pulled her hand out of mine immediately.
"Uh-uh, I am NOT going in there!" She declared, crossing her arms defensively.
I groaned in response, "Oh, come on! It's not even that scary." That's a lie. The house rested on top of an uneasy foundation of jagged rocks, and was completely cast in the dark. If I were her, I'd be pretty unwilling to enter too. "Well, you're either coming in with me, or you're going back home alone." I told her, crossing my arms across my chest as well.
She pouted severely; her bottom lip jutting out and almost making me laugh, but I stood my ground. Finally, she huffed and shuffled over closer to me so that we could be as close as possible. Poor kid. "Fine," she paused, took a deep breath, and continued, "lets go."
Together, we trudged up the narrow path winding within the rocks and up into the abandoned house. My sister clung onto me the entire time, and I couldn't blame her; this house gave me the creeps. There was a sign that read 'beware of dog' just outside of the wooden gates, but as far as I knew, the whole property was completely abandoned. My sister started to shift so she could stand behind me as we opened the door to the house, realizing that the whole place was completely plunged in darkness.
"Can we go home now?" I heard behind me, small, wavering and afraid.
I paused, considering. When the front creaked and clicked shut, casting our figures in darkness, the only light provided was some sunlight cast through the windows. I smiled to myself and reached for the small booklet of ghost stories I had in my coat pocket. "Now this... this should be interesting."

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