Five Card Story: Kevin's Rose, The Adventure of a Bird, and other tales

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A day of a Bad Man
One day, the bad man drove his blue car to work. After work he drove to pick up his wife. On the way, they found an injured bird, and then they went home.

A Common Day
A man woke up and ate breakfast, then he drove his car on the highway in the sunshine. He was driving around in his car, he was driving too fast, driving too far. He felt so lonely, so he went to a party, and then felt happy. When he went home, he found a bird, and then he felt lonely.

Kevin's Rose
A name named Kevin loved a girl named Rose. But Kevin is not human, he came from another planet. He has so many super abilities, but God told him he couldn't use his super abilities on Earth. If he used them, he would become a stone bird. One day, when Rose was driving, a truck accidentally hit her car. She was badly hurt. Two days later, Rose died. The man felt so sad, and he used his super abilities to bring her back to life. And the man became a stone bird. Guide the girl in silence forever.

The Adventure of a Bird
A bird was in the Magical Academy eavesdropping on the teacher's class, and so she learned to do magic. And then she turned herself into a human and entered the human world, traveling around as a human. The chief of the Magical Academy found out and wanted to find the bird and capture her. One day, the chief learned that the bird was going to a cosmetics party. At the party there was a wonderful pair of high heels that the bird wanted. But if the bird tried on the shoes, it would be turned into stone and would never be made alive again. At the party, the bird tried on the shoes and was turned to stone.

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