Five Card Story: A Greedy Businessman, Dreaming and other tales

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A Greedy Businessman
A man opened a store that sold decorations. One day, he caught a kind of precious bug to make an amber necklace. The necklace looked pretty, so it sold well. To earn more money, he caught more and more bugs to make necklaces. But in doing that, he broke the law and had to go to court. He was sentenced to a punishment of a few years in prison. During that time, he deeply reflected on himself. After his sentence was completed, he decided to do some charity work, and so he didn't do business anymore. He went to the sea to help many poor children there.

One day, a girl named Katie went to a shop to buy a hat. The hats there were wonderful, and Katie bought one. Went she went out of the shop, an insect landed on her hat. Unimaginably, the insect could speak! It told the girl it name was Luke. Luke told the girl to take it to a remote place, and the girl did so. When then arrived there, she found a house that was old and white. After they got into the strange house, Luke guided the girl through a long hallway, and the girl started to feel afraid. But at last, at the end of the hallway, there girl saw a wonderful light. There was a sea with a beach. Many children were playing happily there. It was incredible! Luke quickly ran into the sea, and to Katie's surprise, the insect was gone. There was only a boy standing by her side. And then she heard a warm voice say to her, "Thank you, Katie."

The main character of this story was in a department store where all the goods are sold at discount prices. He found an insect there, and the insect led him to a mysterious building. After he got into the building, he went through a long passageway. He felt sad and bored. After leaving the building, he found all of his good friends were having fun on the beach, and he felt very happy.

Strange Dream
One day, a man named Ben bought an insect at a low price. After that, he went into a building and the two of them went through a strange hallway. They could hear some sounds of screaming there, just like a girl was shouting, so they felt afraid. Then, they ran fast to try and leave this place. After running for a long time, they saw a door, and they opened the door and found there was a beach. Then Ben, with his insect, had a good time there. It was a very strange dream.

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