Five Card Story: Place

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The Horses are going to watch a Movie and so will the car. They are watching a Movie about Cultures. Gold Horse bought some popcorn to eat when they watch the Movie. Brown Horse bought a chocolate bar. The Horses share the popcorn with each other. Now the Movie will be starting. The Vampire is also enjoying the Movie. The 2 silver horses also had some popcorn when they watched the Movie. The Movie is about the different cultures. Some Friends are travelling to places. First they are going to visit the United States. They were watching the firework show when they went there. Next they went to England. When they went to England they went to visit the city of London. They even explore the habitat. Then they visited Ethiopia. In Ethiopia they walked around and they went in the pyrmaid. They were helping the poor get their needed things. Then they went outside and they were helping the poor. An hour later the poor people got some food. Thank goodness the friends helped saved their lives. Next they went to Mexico. In Mexico they were dancing. They even did the pinata. The pinata was a shape of the birthday hat. Then the did the other one and the shape was a dragon. Then they did more dancing. They even watched the parade when they went to Mexico. Before they went to Chile they had some Mexican Food. Then they travelled to Chile. In Chile they went to the beach and they chilled out. They even walk about the beach and watch sail boats on the water. They even watch Dolphins jump in the water. The friends went sailing at the beach. Then they made a sandcastle. Next they went to Japan. In Japan they did an interview. They interview the things that happen there. The friends went to visit the exhibit. In the exhibit the friends watched a little Movie. They they checked out the paintings. One of the paintings was the map of Japan. The other one is a dragon. Then they travel back to Canada. The Horses enjoyed the Movie. Brown Horse enjoyed eating his Coffee Crisp with some popcorn. Gold Horse enjoyed some popcorn as well. The silver horses enjoy eating the Vickies. The car brought the horses to the rides. First they went on the Carisol. Then they went on It's a Small World. Then they went on Fright Night. In Fright Night they enjoyed riding the roller coaster and seeing things.

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