Five Card Story: The Visit With The Gift

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a Networked Narratives story by Kayla A. ( 6th grade student) created Feb 03 2017, 07:48:58 pm. Create a new one!

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I was at the library reading a book when out of no where my phone started ringing which never happens because my know where I and what I am doing. The annoying security guard started complaining so I just stepped outside for a minute.
" Mom is everything okay." I said curiously.
" Kate I know your studying but just skip that today I have two special surprises."
" Okay mom I am on my way."
Best day ever can't wait. As I am walking home I see a flower blooming so I take it and keep it for good luck because today was a good day. So when I go home walk in the living room.....
" O my gosh auntie Laura wow I can't believe your here I miss you so much."
I gave her a hug and a kiss. She gave me a present and I opened it when I saw it my mouth dropped so low that I couldn't stand up straight at all I will just fall. In the box I saw the $ 10.000 boots I wanted with pure silk and cotton on the inside and pure leather on the outside. Also it wasn't even my birthday. After dinner, my aunt and I went to go to a theater and she was the lead actress. AMAZING!!
After that we went back to my house and she held me in her arms on the swing she use to swing on with me when I was a baby and I was crying. And there was also a bell that made me go to sleep in her arms it was still there but old. She told me that she loved me and she was going to stay and never leave again. I knew that today was the best day ever I will tell this over and over again to my kids and friends when I grow up and tomorrow except I don't have kids.

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