Five Card Story: All To Familiar Silence

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a Five Card Flickr story by emathews created May 24 2017, 04:04:58 pm. Create a new one!

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It was silent in the mansion. It was a sunny Sunday, a brighter day than the girl had anticipated, than the girl wanted. Her camera strapped around her neck, her blue bike parked outside the front gates of her mansion-like home. She leaned dangerously close over the railing of the arched balconies of her hallways to get a better glimpse at the sunlight streaming through the skylight. She willed the weather to rain, closing her eyes slowly, and then opening them slowly again. She hated sunshine. The bright. She remembered that sunny day when everything had seemed perfect. Her with her camera, snapping picture after picture aimlessly. And then she got the call.
"You need to come home now."
"Why?" She was panicking in her head.
"There's been an accident."
Those four words. It was if all the colors of the graffiti she had been photographing had suddenly faded to black and white. She rushed home, upset, confused, throwing her bike to the side and sprinting through the mansion doors to find the police officers sad faces. Only the soft mournful cries of the maids filled the long hallways. So much sadness, yet it was still sunny.

It was silent now, like it was back on that day. Oh, how the girl wanted it to rain, for the dark to overtake the skylight window she used to love gazing through at the stars with her now-gone parents. It didn't rain. It was still sunny, even though all the girl felt was gloom. It was silent in the old mansion. It always was now.

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