Five Card Story: The model cat

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a ds106 story by Jegh created Aug 07 2017, 08:38:30 am. Create a new one!

flickr photo credits: (1) Fatihi Patty (2) zombie baker (3) brittanynicoles13 (4) les.epinards (5) Natasa Bozic Grojic

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Once upon a time, there was a camera man named Laelius. Laelius likes to captured his cat as the subject of his photography. People also likes his cat named Louvre because she's too fabs and adorable. Then one day, Laelius was sad at what he saw on his blog because all of his photography album about Louvre was empty. Laelius feel depressed about on what happened at his blog. Until one day, his friend named Argus invited him together with his cat to attend an opening ceremony for his new exhibit. Laelius wants to declined his friend's invitation but he know that he can't do that to his friend. Although he feel that he will only be jealous to his friend, he still went to Argus's exhibit to support him. While he entering the exhibit together his cat, people keep looking at him and at his cat with amusement written on their eyes. Laelius just smiled akwardly and continue his way to the room wherein the most famous photography of his friend was placed. When he entered the room, he was shocked because all of his deleted photography about his cat was placed at the wall. He also shocked when his friend tapped him at his shoulder and said, "Thank me later". He was too shocked that's why nothing words he can hear anymore. He just see a light that blinking at him. All of the noise he had heard was "Is he the photographer? Is that his cat?". When he heard the word cat, he automatically looked at his cat on Argus's arms. He get his cat to Argus and stopped those people who keep capturing him and his cat on their camera. He commanded Argus to explain everything and he started explaining. Argus said that he stole my photography album aboout Louvre because he gave it to Ms. Odara, the famous camera man in the world. Argus said that Odara wants to gave him an offer because she saw that he has a potential like her to be a good photographer someday. Fastforward, many artist and photographer offered him a job. Laelius declined all those offer and he just only choose to be trained by Ms. Odara because she's the reason why he experienced all those things. Ms. Odara gave him a paper about their contract and he also gave him some papers that will help him to improve more on his photography. The deal was closed when Laelius signed the contract.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Fatihi Patty (2) zombie baker (3) brittanynicoles13 (4) les.epinards (5) Natasa Bozic Grojic

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