Five Card Story: Laundry

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One day, Nick was on his way to the laundry mat to do his weekly laundry. He had gone about this hundreds of times as he had lived in a small town all of his life and in the earlier stages of his life. But never had he had a day that would be quite like this one.
Normally his days in which he went to do his laundry were fairly simple. he would walk to the laundry mat, do his laundry, go home and do chores. He did have a job but only worked night shifts throughout the weekdays and was free on the weekends. But today, was different.
He was walking to do his laundry with the basket wrapped tightly to his chest by his arms when he say something a bit different. An animal he had never seen before was running around in an open field. Since this was a small town, in the middle of Southern Mississippi, he knew everything and everyone about his town. He approached it and upon further observation he saw that it was a llama, prancing around in the field, chasing around squirrels. Never in his 28 year life had he seen a llama in his town. He had been places that had them, but never so close to his small, one story house.
As he walked closer to the animal he started to hear music. Nick walked closer to the music over a hill and he saw a festival of some sort. He dropped his basket of laundry and walked over to the festival. Someone approached him and began to talk to him. They talked about what the event was and the man told him it was a charity event to raise money for cars to give away to homeless to help them get back on their feet.
Nick started to feel strongly about the event and offered to help. He offered to help fix up older cars.
He did this for weeks upon weeks until he had fixed about 20 cars just by himself. It was amazing the way he felt about helping people and he soon found a new calling in life.
So.. yea help in your community.

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