Five Card Story: After all.. It was a fantastic day :)

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6:37 a.m, I had all my makeup and delightful clothing on. Sun shines bright through my window towards the east side and birds outside as free as winds blowing off all my homework over the break. Not excited at all for starting my freshman year but happy to visit all my new homework. "BOMB", I closed the door waiting for the bus, weather was bad but with the smell of limpid air. On my way to school, the school bus gets a flat tire and the bus driver says, "Excellent! This day couldn't start off any better!" And...sure, it couldn't start off any better. As I see the school getting closer into my vision, my feeling was just ordinary...."OUCH!!!" And all I can see was a bright yellow squished banana. But who knows.. a heavy voice from the principal went into my left ear saying "Nice one". Curious..very curious!! I yelled, "Who was that!" said quietly... I got up, noting really injured me but I went on the ambulance and was send to the neurology day care for a whole week...I said to myself, what a FANTASTIC DAY!

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