Five Card Story: joe and kailey person versus person

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Hey my name is kailey i am 40 years old and my life has been depressing. My best friend went to war...2 months ago i got a call. "im sorry madam Joe has died in war." i broke down thinking of all the memories we have together. walking up hills, marking trees with our names so people no we were there. i miss the memories we mad eon those hills. HAHAHA i have to laugh because one day we saw a pigeon up there and we decided to name it jiley our names put together and it flew away once we said the name cause we screamed it together. I spent nihts after i heard the news walking down the streets of downtown and seeing the shoes on the power lines that him and i threw up. Today i went to his grave where he lays. I miss him so much. i went there today to confess my feelings. spending time with him. I told him today "i miss you if i could go back in time the only thing i would change would to convince you to stay home from were always there for me i know you are still with me. that not how i wanted thing to be that was not how it was supposed to end up like.joe....i love you

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