Five Card Story: A little town called Patten

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Patten, Maine always finds a way to give you memories for life, like how there was the dreaded "Kat Piss" gang who thought that they would plaster their name all over town. They got caught after one of them got drunk and did it on a slushie machine in a gas station. Sometimes it can even be our high schools "art". We had one art piece in the middle of the school entrance that nobody understood. I even remember the art teachers getting confused. Although Someone did let some frogs loose inside the rainbow iceberg thing, and when they were getting all the frogs out. My biology teacher said she would keep some in her room. Now we have a little tank in our room with like 2 frogs.That's it, 2. I really don't understand anything anybody does in this town, but in summer I can forget everything. Grab my friends, Grab some gas station sushi, and hang out for HOURS until end at the beautiful pond on the west side of town, and makes some good memories. It practically balances out the weird and strange memories with the enjoyable ones. That's why i guess i love this odd little town called Patten.

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