Five Card Story: Mystery Gift

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My name is Potter. I’m the members of Mystery Company. Today, my boss asked me to go to the fishing shop whose shop front looks very normal to find a unique and beautiful thing as their 20th-anniversary gift. After 10 minutes, I was be kicked out from the fishing shop, and the owner shouting” what are you doing in my shop, make sure what you want and come again!”, what’s a weird person?
While I was walking on the street, there was a pillar with number 1317 Gooo on its body, I took a picture of it and keep walking on the street to find other elements that can be added to the gift. When I arrived the Great Art Gallery, I took a picture of a silver ring on the wall which is bit by a man’s face; he has a big nose and ears and looks aggressive but kind. Still, I keep walking and walking and saw a woman used her pen drew the scene of people’s behavior when they walked on the street. I asked her if she can help me draw a sketch of my boss and his wife, and she accepted it takes 30 minutes and cost $1317 dollars to have it.
When I arrived at the fishing shop again, it was closed, so I went back to the company with a disappointed heart. However, on my way to the company, I saw a boat floating on the sea within the sunset, it became a gorgeous painting I’ve ever seen, so I took a picture again. After I went back to give my boss a response, I told him I didn’t find anything special as your anniversary gift, but I have the painting and the boat tickets for you. He said that the paint is special enough for them because the woman drew the picture of the Great Art Gallery I’ve taken before: a man biting a ring. But she had changed the face to my handsome boss’s face and his wife is sitting on the ring enjoy the moonlight. Suddenly, he looked at the boat ticket, and called his wife to be prepared, because they are going to celebrate their 20th-anniversary on the sweet and gorgeous boat.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) Intrepidteacher (5) keepps

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