Five Card Story: Greedy Man

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a Five Card Flickr story by Eva created Sep 28 2017, 04:19:55 pm. Create a new one!

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This story happened in a day before a company's election, which is voting to choose the next CEO. Not far away, there is a hospital which has abandoned for over 10 years located near the countryside. At midnight, a group of men who wore all black stopped their cars in front of the hospital, two men got off the car, the other two men do the same thing, they walked and talked to each other and gave them a black handbag, after that, they left soon. In the next day, one of the candidates who called Ben was gone. Of course, everyone was confused, but no one has any idea about what was going on, they contacted the police and described the outward of Ben, the police replied that they found a dead body which has the same appearance with the person that they're finding, it was found in that hospital, and they found lots of drugs with him and also a black handbag which filled in 1 billion dollars. The police mentioned, they found a huge red bicycle hid behind the back door. When they heard that, they figured all the crimes and processes. Ben was a greedy person, he wanted the opportunity to earn more money. He started to sell drugs, every night, he rode his custom bike to the abandoned hospital. But in last night, he did not have enough money to give to his superior, he was threatened by them, but he started to go against with them, so they poisoned him. Police found the origin of these drugs and crimes, they knew who they are, but the problem is these people are already known by people, but no one knows who really they are.

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