Five Card Story: vacation or not?

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in a town near the ocean side where brilliant white building and arch ways look out to the ocean. i dont know where this place is or what it is called all i know is that my mom and dad used to read it to me when i was young they would say that one day we would go there and live there for a while. i would be able to swim and surf every least that was the plan. thats all in the past now. you might ask well what happend?
It was a very exciting day we going to go to the city that my parents always told me about. i was so excited i was a nuissance when my parents helped me and my brother pack. i would always throw my clothes in the air pretending i was at a beach festival with people cheering my name because i did something incredibale or maybe i just won the surfing contest. i dont actually know how to surf but im determined to learn when we got there. my dad was gonna teach me since he never had time to teach me stuff in the pased because he was a very important man in fact he was a leading pollitician. i never really knew what that meant. anyway when we finished packing we got in the car to head to the airport. i was 6 years old and it was summer it was going to be the best summer ever!!!

we were driving done a highway my mom was driving my dad was on his phone proberly on a buissness call. The last buisness call he would say and it was.

Then it happened the crash. it happened so fast first my mom suddenly veered to one side i got thrown to one side of the car my face flat on the window. the car is suddenly in the air it flips once with all our suitcases tumbling all over the place. Then we hit the ground thats where i pass out the last thing i see is the front window smashing on the contrete ground and the front part of the roof collapsing as we slide along the highway at least i think thats how it happened i have forgotten most of it. i am 16 now in a foster home. even after all this time the events still come to not clearly but they still thing that i really remember is the officer that pulled me out of the wreck while i was becomeing concious again and saved my life because as he ran from the car i heard an exsplosion. i also remember sitting in an orphanege looking out the window at a statue of a guy on a horse the people that worked there said he was the founder of the orphanage.i wish i could do something so important that people would make me a statue but what would it be. the end

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) Serenae (3) bionicteaching (4) hummingcrow (5) bionicteaching

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