Five Card Story: My Visit to the Countryside

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I woke in the morning because of all the chatter in the house. Mom was pulling out the suitcases from the attic, Dad was trying to cook the food, and sister well snoring as loud as a dump truck. I climbed down the ladder of my bunk bed. And open the blinds, the light was so bright my sister screamed. My parents came running in.

"What just happened," asked Mom.

"Nothing," I replied "its just one of her tantrums."

"Get packing." said my dad.


"'Cause were going to grandpa's and grandma's today."

The next thing I knew we were sitting in our car. As we got onto the road a police car swept past us. We drove through a little cracked lane which revealed us to giant parking lot, though it was deserted.

We climbed out of the car and onto a wooden path we walked past a stream to see a big house with a beautiful garden surrounding us. Grandma and grandpa were sitting on a tiny bench waiting for us.

My sister and I ran to the garden as the sprinklers activated. We walking into the house to get clean and dry. I love going to the countryside.

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