Five Card Story: An Exciting Day

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One day, a girl called Maddie had a birthday party. She went to an aquarium and saw amazing and beautiful sea creatures. Her tour guide turned off the lights at the jellyfish exhibit. Maddie was amazed that the jellyfish was able to glow in the dark. She never knew that jellyfish were able to glow in the dark until that day. Her mom took a picture of the jellyfish because it was one of Maddie's favorite sea creatures that she saw.
After the tour of the aquarium, Maddie invited some friends to her house. Everyone including Maddie drew a picture of a heart. Maddie's heart was orange with colorful polka-dots in the background. Her mom put all the hearts together to form one big picture. Maddie's mom printed several copies of the painting so all of Maddie's friends got a copy. Maddie got to keep the actual painting. Maddie wanted to be an artist when she grew up, so they all went to an art exhibit.
At the art exhibit, Maddie saw a lot of pretty and beautiful paintings. Maddie's mom took a picture of a painting that had a bush with beautiful pink roses. Maddie's brother took a picture of a painting that had a window. Maddie secretly thought the painting with the window was very boring!
After all of Maddie's friends went home, her mom said there was one more surprise. Maddie's surprise was a visit to the local animal shelter! Maddie saw a lot of cute cats and kittens, and dogs and puppies. Maddie saw a Tuxedo kitten, a White cat, a Calico kitten and a Gray Tabby kitten. She also saw a mommy and baby Siamese cat! Maddie saw a Shiba Inu, a mommy and baby Pomeranian, and a Pomsky. A Pomsky dog is half Pomeranian and half Husky. Maddie also saw a Beagle and a German Shepherd. When it was time to go, Maddie was really sad. Maddie had fallen in love with the Gray Tabby kitten and didn't want to leave it behind. But then, the good news came! The reason why Maddie's mom took her to the animal shelter was so that she could adopt a cat or a dog for a pet! Maddie was so happy she could take the Gray Tabby kitten home. For Maddie, it was the best Birthday ever!

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