Five Card Story: A Kind of Squirrely Day

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I brought my little sister to this fancy hotel called The Ellington and man, it was the best hotel I've ever been to! There was delicious food, air conditioning, a swimming pool, flowers all over the place, ande it was beautiful, and luxurious, and we wanted to stay there forever. Then, though, some things started happening...
First, this crazy squirrel got into the hotel and was running all over the place. It was so fast, we couldn't get it out, and then when it climbed up my leg, I screamed! Well, I guess it got scared from that, so it dashed on out right then, but not before plopping a big, squishy, slimy, nasty slug right on my shoe! I didn't even notice it until my little sister, who calls all bugs the same thing, said "worm" and pointed at my feet. When I did look down and see it though, I screamed again, but I guess slugs can't hear anything, 'cause it didn't get scared like that squirrel did. So I had to pick it up, icky, slimy thing that it was, and put it outside with the squirrel.
After that, my little sister and I made sure all the windows were closed, just in case. But when we looked out again to check on them, the squirrel and slug looked pretty happy to be back outside anyway.

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flickr photo credits: (1) krutscjo (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) Danny Nicholson (5) Serenae

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