Five Card Story: A never ending tail of my life.

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As you now there is a saying,Life if hard Death is easy.But what if you don't die, what if you live for ever would you want that.And in this story there is a kid who lives for ever and his name is Jamie he is a 25 year old man but really he is 100 years old.The way Jamie got this so called "gift" happened when he and his friends when walking by a electricity tower,when all of a sudden the tower came crashing down his friend where able to jump out of its way but not Jamie.He was under all of the rubble and cords of the electricity tower,but then Jamie's hand stuck out of the ground,he was alive,but how. Turns out when he was zapped by the all of those cables it was so powerful that it changed him and was able to have a "gift" and that gift was to live for ever.As Jamie was at his house he got a little hungry so he decided to make a nice stake.As he was cutting the stake he cut his finger of with the big blade,but to Jamie it was no problem because later his finger grew back,that was one of Jamie's powers.He enjoyed his stake and and headed to work at the police station.there he saw Joey and Mike,two of the police workers "hey want sup Jamie,here for work",Mike said,
"what else will i be here for"Jamie said as he got a cup of coffee. Then the siren went off,there was a police call,
someone was shooting with a Ak-47 every where.So they got in there cop cars and drove to the shooting,there was the guy and there were also 3 more next to him they got there shotguns out from the back and started firing at the shooter they shoot one down but then the second one shot at joey and hit him in the leg.then Jamie ran took out his pistols shoot down the two remaining guys.and then the leader who was the only one left took out a button and pressed it and EXPLODED

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