Five Card Story: A Cold Day in the Woods

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As I walked through the woods behind my house I felt, as I often do, the universe shift around me. It's hard to explain how I've learned to recognize the change, but it's something in the air. It prickles slightly, and the smell, it changes. It feels older, somehow, like the still air in an antique shop whose patrons are few and far between.
I've been exploring the shift a lot more lately. It used to scare me, but I've grown used to the oddities. I'm trying to understand why the shift happens, and why I was chosen to witness it.
It was a cold day in 2005, and it was also a cold day in the shift. The woods were covered in fallen pinecones, evidence of the storm the night before. They were like that in my time, too.
As I wandered through the woods, I noticed something new-- a house, that had surely once been beautiful, but Father Time had taken his course. I noticed the rusted details around the roof, the rotted boards of wood on the board and then, with a gasp, I saw the windows. Whereas the rest of the house may have been beautiful at one time, the weathered windows still held every ounce of their beauty. The faint winter light caught the glass that made up their intricate pattern, and glimmered mysteriously back at me. I was entranced. I felt myself drawing nearer and nearer to the house, under it's old spell, wondering what was inside.
I drew near enough to peer inside one of the clear, but dusty windows, and saw the house wrecked inside. Bright blue shattered glass covered the carpet nearest to the window, and old furniture had been smashed across the remainder of the visible room.
A spark of sadness struck my heart as I realized that something other than Time must have struck the old, abandoned home. Suddenly, I felt two pulls, simultaneously. One beckoned me closer, as the other filled me with dread. What had happened in the home?
And then, as soon as the shift happened, it was gone and I felt the house glimmering out of sight. I reached out frantically to press my hand against the window once more but found myself unable. Suddenly, I was back in the woods, my woods, with the puddle-filled road back home in sight.
This is how the glimmers worked. They flashed in and out, certainly trying to tell me something, but existing in puzzle pieces. All I can do now is wait for the next piece to be revealed.

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