Five Card Story: Life Lessons

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THe guy that walks alone in the picture connects to my classes. This image have connect to the grades. This connects to grade for that I have to walk alone to be tougher such as I am the only one that can pull my grades up. But also of how the walk alone would help me learn how to be tougher to bring many things up and better. Also of how I can improve myself alone with my grades and work that done or given.

Then the cat shows that I have to stay attentive in the sport I'm doing and it is called swim. I chose to stay attentive in swim is because during meets and the start of an event I have to get quiet and listen for the starting beep from the referee. Then also of how we would have to listen to the referee saying on your mark, off the block, a long whistle blow to get on the block or into the water for a the event. Also of how we have to stay attentive to know what event is up at the moment and what event they just said and next.

Then the old sign shows me that of history that we read the old stories that have lessons to it as in history. Like the board have a story that it may have hold to it. Also of how the board have a past that they may be shown like the pasts. Then also of how the board hold many things like history that holds many major events in the past. But also of how they would teach a way of many things that has not been taught or hold a way that people learn from this.

The picture of the sunset connects me to what I have learned was that it if I put in effort to get good grades I would get a good result or outcome. Then the outcome becomes the best after effort of trying give in all for a good result. Then the results come out good after putting more effort for people that don't. Also fo how the outcome are the best of what was done. So the best way to get this outcome of a sunset was giving effort and not giving up until everything is done for the sunset as a reward.

This picture of the mountain have stuck in my memories for that of a hike that I have done over a camp or retreat. The mountain has stuck in my mind was that of the view that I got and that I made friends on the hike. Also this has been in my memory for that I had a great time bonding with the group I was put in and had the strongest connections that I ever made. Mountain memory has stuck with me for the bonding and connections that I had made. Then the mountain has been with me for a reward as a memory and bonding that I never bonded with.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) hummingcrow (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) Serenae

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