Five Card Story: Change is Not Optional

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a Five Card Flickr story by Corina Gill created May 25 2018, 05:53:18 pm. Create a new one!

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For Brandy Tollen having things change was optional, and if she could choose to, she'd deny change completely. The morning of her first day of high school was not optional, nor was the change that came from high school life.
The first day she was almost tempted to sleep through her alarm, but against her wishes her mom made her get up and get ready anyway. As Brandy got out of bed, she looked out her window to see that the fence containing her yard had been broken with the posts sticking out of the ground every which way like teeth. Brandy felt a pang of anger and demanded that her father fix it before she got home.
The drive to her first day lead her down new and unusual roads she wasn't familiar with. Brandy felt uneasy and closed her eyes after she saw a vandalized stop sign at the end of a particularly strange road.
Once she arrived she saw one lonely tree outside the school building with no leaves or buds. Brandy felt as though the tree was looking at her as she made her way to the building. She did not like the change of scenery.
Upon arrival to the front door she was pushed by several students rushing off in excitement. She was pushed to the wall, which was falling apart and missing several bricks. Brandy got stabbed by several bricks. She was not pleased. Brandy wish the school were as nice as her old middle school.
Brandy's first day of homeroom she was greeted with a single flower sitting upon her desk.
Brandy hated flowers.

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