Five Card Story: Different Shades of Family

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Family.A possession that all of us have in common. It is like we have a set of crayon but in different shades. A basic unit in our society but in different angles. As we grow, little by little we understand how the world moves, shakes and drop choices which are difficult for us to decide. Somehow, a family's decision is like a long corridor in a hotel. There are numerous of rooms to enter and doors to close. A family must be able to formulate a united decision, to enter a specific room, to avoid being lost and to take the right path for the common good of each member. Although, life, never became a bed of roses, likely a flag, it is raised when we are proud and celebrating the fortune that we have but it is also half-raised whenever an unfortunate event happened. That is life, but a family like a vine plant will continue to grow and rose whatever the weather might be. A family, is the solid state of matter, a group of bikers, that together they will do their best to accomplish their goals and to arrive at the finish line even out of exhaustion. A Family stays together no matter what the circumstances may be. A Family has a different shades, black, white, red and yellow but the shade who out stand all is the shade of orange. Orange is the symbol of warmth, the end and the beginning. A Family might end the day darkly but remember that the sun no matter what happens will shine even after the rain. The sun will give the family a new hope to work, to wake up, to love and to wait until it ends and begin again.

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