Five Card Story: Cycle of life

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Their was this guy, who had little use of his remaining time in the world, for he was fugitive of the law. After he finished serving behind bars, he started thinking of the qualities of life, and started having a job as a bus driver as he was on his daily drive his life started flashing in front of his eyes. From the point his life started, the moments that he should been spending with his family, days that he should have enjoyed his life, and the very fine decisions he should have made in his life.
That’s when he started growing out of his lonely life. After he had saved from his job he went out to clubs, found new friends, and had the time of his life. Years have passed, he was living his life too much, he had no concern of the bad effects it had on him, how hard it will be after. Until the day came he was ill, he did not have any regrets at least he had enjoyed the last few years of his life. He realized that life runs on the choices we make and how we value the people around us.

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