Five Card Story: The time I met her

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a Five Card Flickr story by BSIT-101_Grutas, James Bryan S. created Jul 24 2018, 01:59:27 am. Create a new one!

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My parent ask me to go with them on some old place and honestly i don't even care to know the name of the place. So Say no but my parent force me to come so now I'm on the road on some unknown place. So we arrive to the place and the first thing I saw is some old bridge and the first thing I thought is this is gonna be boring I mean no signals no electricity so I have to save my battery. We check around the cabin and it's old and a lot of spider web my parent and I spend the whole day to clean. My parent was preparing for diner so I go outside to look around place it was dark the only light was the moon, the reflection on the moon on river was beautiful I'll stare at it for a while and go to the old bridge but while closing in I saw a shadow was freak out and couldn't move all I could do is stare at the shadow until it notice me and come closer I'll close my eyes hoping it just my imagination. It was quiet for a while Until I heard a girl voice I open my eyes and to my surprise I saw a beautiful girl smiling I was speechless for a while until I manage to introduce myself then she also introduce herself her name was "Lily". We talk for a while until my mom call she tell's me to go but I want to talk to her more then she tells me that we met again at the same time. So for one week we talk at night until the time for us to go I'll ask her to add me on facebook she tell's me that she don't have a facebook and then I'll ask her for her number but she tell's me that she don't have a phone. Then she ask me to close my eyes, I do what she said then I feel something soft hit my mouth I open my eyes and to my surprise she kiss me but I feel something was off I begin to feel like I falling a sleep little by little I my eyes begin to close and when I wake up I was in the car with my parent I ask my parent what happen but all they told me was they found me sleeping on the bridge I was wondering why I don't remember anything that happen then when my parent and I got home my parent tell's me a weird story about a ghost girl name "Lily" but before they can continue they got a call in the office and ask me to take care of things in the house. For I while I was wondering what happen to "Lily" and I feel like somehow I know her. After that I always go to that place every summer hoping to met her again.

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