Five Card Story: Another Day

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A young and beautiful lady was walking near the side of a river. She stopped by as she saw how the colors of the sky depict sadness yet still be aesthetically perfect and perfectly constructed. She started to think of herself – her life. What did she become? What did she do for her life to become how it is right now? She couldn’t help but to adore how the sky portrays such emotions. A frown formed by her mouth, she started to reminisce certain memories in her life; the moment when her parents pick her up at her school and giving her smiles she could not resist of not smiling back, how she always force her parents to go to the ice cream store to eat her favorite dessert and how much cheerful and full of life she was. She felt a pain stung in her heart looking back to the life she had before. She stood up and decided to continue her walk. She has neither certain direction nor specific destination. But she kept on walking like it’s her feet that are telling her to walk – to still go on despite being tired and wanting to rest. She found herself being in a cemetery. The cemetery where her parents are now resting, “I will be with you soon”, she said to her parents’ grave. Small rivulets streamed down the tombstone and by that she found herself crying. “I’m tired of everything. I’m tired of living yet being dead inside. I’m tired of living the days when all I want is for the day it won’t come. I’m tired of saying that it will all just be another day. I don’t want to feel this excruciating pain anymore. I want all of this to just end.” “How could you leave me when you promised to stay? How could you leave me suffering all of this alone when all you said is we’ll fight this together?” She cried until no more tears left to dry. She said her goodbye to her parents’ grave and went for a walk to home. As she’s walking in the street, she found the environment – her surroundings, the car, the traffic lights and the people being at a fast forward state. Like it’s just her who’s not aware of what’s going on around her. Everyone seems like they’re sure of their destination – going to the office to work, to school, to every destination they’ll all go. Everyone’s life seems fixed, when there she is, not sure of what to do, not sure of the destination she’ll go and not aware of her own purpose. She saw a bird alighted on the steel railings; she was amused how the bird was free to fly to places and just go whenever it wants. She wanted that freedom before. The freedom of going to places you’ve never been and explore the things one had never seen. Being not able to taste that freedom, it has already been taken away from her. She again looked at the sky and said to herself, “It’s just another day.”

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) Serenae

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