Five Card Story: The Perfect Date

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I was putting on the finishing touches to my makeup and outfit when I heard the horn of his old black Chevy car. Tall, dark, and handsome was crawling out of his car as I peaked through my white curtains that hung over my bedroom window. Not 30 seconds later I heard his large fist bang against my dark, oak front door. Being the protective father he is, Dad opened the door and greeted Jalen inviting him inside. Emerging from my room with a smile from ear to ear, I greeted my boyfriend and hurried to the front door trying to escape "The Talk". Once Dad finished lecturing Jalen and I about being careful, safe, and smart, Jalen opened the front door for me closing the heavy door behind us. As the two of us clomped down the porch steps of the large antique farm house, I felt Jalen's strong, firm hand clasp onto my small, fragile hand. When we arrived to his car, I Jalen's opened my door and shut it behind me. A bouquet of pink, yellow, and white roses sat gracefully in the drivers seat. I whipped my phone out before my man had time to walk around the car and I pretended that I didn't notice the elegant flowers. Jalen, at 6'6", crawled in his car and handing me the roses all in one swift motion. "Here you go, gorgeous." I replied "Thank you, handsome. What are we doing tonight?" "You'll see, darlin'."

We stopped quickly after passing the sign that reads "Come back soon, y'all!". Jalen pulled into a driveway that belongs to an old Antebellum home about 2 miles from the city limits. "What are we doing here, Jalen Thomas?" He replied with a short "You'll see". I got out of the car before he had the time to get out and open my door which he hated. He gave me a look that I exchanged right back. My tall boyfriend came over to me and bent over to gently peck me on the forehead. Taking my hand, he led me up the creaking step of the old home. He opened the door which was in desperate need of some DW40 and I cautiously followed him into the house. What my eyes saw through me for a loop. An antique grand piano sat in the dining room with an elderly man in trousers and button-up playing old, soulful jazz music. The hostess standing in front of us, flirting with my boyfriend, showed us to our table in the middle of what would have been the living room, I suppose. The girl that sat us was a short stocky girl that wore black block heels, distressed jeans, and a black v-neck blouse that made her seem like she was showing off her A cups. I wish I would have told her that it wasn't working, but I didn't want to seem too rude. Once we ordered, we sipped our sweet tea and talked for what felt like hours. We ate slowly and once we finished, Jalen paid the bill and we left. Once we arrived back into town, we rode around downtown. Jalen abruptly stopped and told me to get out. He took me into an old hotel and told me that this was where we were getting married. I laughed. He was the man of my dreams.

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