Five Card Story: Feedback Frenzy

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My assistant principal said that the Ram Fam would benefit from a PD on feedback. So I went to work. At first, it felt as though I was just full of hot air, but I worked hard to ground my presentation in the book we are using as a staff for book study - John Hattie's 10 Mindframes of Visible Learning. I put together what I thought was an informative and engaging presentation on deepening our understanding of feedback to include task, process, and self-regulation feedback. I made sure there was time to read/learn about the book for those teachers from the Network who were not as well-indoctrinated into the Church of John Hattie as those of us at Highland, planned a sort activity, and tried to connect the work with teachers' practice. Still, when I woke up, I was worried that folks would just laugh at me and not cooperate during my presentation. Thankfully, all went smoothly. There was a moment, afterwards, before I received my feedback when I felt like maybe people didn't get what I was going for - I felt that all was lost. An abyss. Thankfully, participants said that the information was useful and clear and I took it back to my school with confidence. Time to celebrate! And play!

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