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I had originally done a PD for our staff about Notices and Wonders. I was hoping to tie this into our required PD. However, I couldn't get a grasp on what that would look like. Shortly before our PD, I attended a behavior workshop. This was of great interest to me because I knew something in my classroom would have to change to meet the needs of the behavior challenges. So, that is how I finally decided on my topic. However, as I began planning, I was unable to see past the tall buildings to where I wanted to go.

Once the organizing began, I was fearful that my topic would not being relevant to others and I pictured them being disinterested and spending time on their phones. I used a previously developed PD that I used for a staff PD and tried to build upon it.

As the presenting day approached, I felt like I lived in a house of prayer. I was extremely nervous and was hoping I could blend in like a frog. The presentation went very well and the feedback I received was very good and helpful. I realized that I crammed too much into the PD and I should have scaled back.

After, I realized that birds of a feather flock together and that the other teachers were extremely kind and thoughtful. I realized that I should not have been as nervous as I let myself be.

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