Five Card Story: Know your audience

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Prior to the mini conference, I was feeling confident. I had already taught my lesson in November and I had received positive feedback on the topic. The topic itself was something my staff was interested in and would be helpful information for them in connection to our staff work plan goals.

As the day of reckoning approached, I realized that my written offering would be too long (by far) and the topic might not be something that my colleagues in the network would connect with. I was afraid it would be too far outside their experience, so I did a complete rewrite of my lesson THE NIGHT BEFORE!

Needless to say, I was nervous about facilitating a class I had only written a few hours ago. But I knew the topic well and I was sure at least some of the other members had experience with the topic. Thankfully, my administrator was there to support me. I felt better knowing I had a plant in my audience.

After introducing the topic, I took time to ask the participants about their experience with the topic and took their input in revising the target to better fit the group. Time was our only enemy. The meat of my lesson was at the end of our time together.

At the end I felt good that I had, at the very least, not wasted my colleague's time. We laughed and had fun even if not everyone experienced a big change in their thinking that day. I received helpful, kind, and specific feedback from each participant that will help me as I revise this less for the future.

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