Five Card Story: The crazy Birthday!

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It was the day of my birthday. I was super excited! I was turning 9 years old. My family and I were driving down the dirt road to my house. When suddenly we crashed in a pond and got drenched in freezing cold water! But then a magical dinosaur came to rescue all of us. At first we all thought that the dinosaur was gonna eat us for lunch! After traveling for a little while we were all starving! So we made fishing rods out of sticks and string. We caught some fish and ate them. My birthday party was going to start soon and i needed to be there so it wasn't just my friends. So when we were walking back to my house we fell straight down into a sewer! It was disgusting!! We were trapped and stuck in the sewer. I was looking for something useful to help my family and myself get out. I saw the ladder on the side and we climbed up and to the surface.We made it back to our house on time! For dinner me my friends and family went to Chipotle. I now know that this has been the craziest birthday ever! THE END!!

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) Serenae (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) Serenae

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