Five Card Story: NO, STEVE, NO!!!

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Well once upon a time there was a guy named Steve Irwin. You've probably never heard of him, 'cause he's dead now.

Well one day he was at his local pub. A little known fact about Steve Irwin is that he was an alcoholic.

Now this guy just DID NOT know when to stop drinking. He drank SO MUCH D**N ALCOHOL he would be on the toilet almost ALL DAY LONG just p*****g it all out. I know, he's disgusting. He just doesn't know when to stop drinking his Jack Daniel's. He's crazy.

Well, guess what happens one day? Drinks so much alcohol that he passes out on the pub floor. His life is just SO messed up. I mean...seriously.

Well no one in the pub knows what to do. I mean, seriously, they're drunk. So now what?


Super Dog flies through the Australian countryside 'till he gets to the pub. He races to Steve Irwin and performs EMERGENCY CPR. Steve wakes up to find that a dog just performed CPR on him. This leads to him spending millions in Mental Therapy. His family became too afraid of him, so he got divorced. Discovery Channel then fired him because they didn't want to pay a divorced alcoholic that claimed a dog performed CPR on him. He then lost his friends, money, house, and, above all, his dignity.

But other than that, everything was great.

sharks r so cool yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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