Five Card Story: Searching for Beauty

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a Five Card Flickr story by Jamie Sears created May 30 2019, 04:21:40 pm. Create a new one!

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The story is of a man. He was quite homely looking with glasses, messy hair, and he seemed to have a sad look on his face all the time. In his eyes, however, he had a sense of wonder. Every day, he looked out of the one window in his white brick apartment building searching for meaning in the world. He looked to the blue, cloud speckled sky for answers. Obstacles like bushes and power lines stood in his way from finding clarity. He became angry at the obstacles. Why did they have to hinder his ability to view the beautiful, blue sky? It was symbolic of the search he was experiencing in life. He just needed a straight path to success like the alley between the apartments across the street. As he scanned the panoramic view, he thought, "If life were only straight lines without obstacles like that alley between the two brick apartment buildings. All of the answers would be clear, and I could find the beauty in life. Just then, he scanned to the left where the sun was setting through the trees and he took in the beauty of the view before him. While the sunset was hindered by the obstacles of the trees, it was beautiful just the same. Perhaps the obstacles made the sunset even more beautiful. Surely it was more beautiful than that straight, clear alley he had just seen. Right then and there, he made a decision to not look for beauty in what was supposed to be beautiful, but he would find beauty in the obstacles along the way.

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