Five Card Story: Potential and Opportunity Are Knocking

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When we were children, my siblings and I would race to answer the door or check the mailbox. That would infuriate my mom because she did not want us to open the door to a stranger or she thought it would just be something from a bill collector.

Today, things are so different. Despite all of the technology at our fingertips, nothing is more thrilling than the anticipation of someone at the door: the mail carrier, UPS, or a FedEx delivery person. The anticipation of knowing what is waiting for you at the top of the steps, or on the porch is always a moment of excitement and wonder.

In some packages, you know what lies inside because you made a choice, purchase, or selection. On other occasions, you don't have a clue about the contents of the package. Someone may be sending something to you or the package is not for you but someone at the same address.

Ultimately, we know that the potential within the package and inside of us will spark creativity, feed the physical body, or refuel the spirit. It is only a matter of time; potential will soon be knocking at the door of opportunity.

Please excuse me while I answer the door.

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