Five Card Story: My favorite spot tours.

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I went on a trip and I founded my favorite spots. Let me introduce my favorite spot on my trip.
First of all, I founded a nice old building. The building's door is a double structure. One was a tall wooden door and the other was a short purple door, that light and I could open smoothly. I was surprised to get inside because it's so great! A wall of bookshelves, beautiful chandelier on ceiling, comfortable space, and…anyway wonderful building. I founded an old elevator while I looked around. It is made of brick I watched in vainly. When I listen, I could hear the sound of the wind faintly. …I want to tell you the sound and to show you space. No parables. I didn't stay there. I said goodbye to the building and next I went to the museum. So I saw it mystery letter that burnt someplace. It was an old letter, but I couldn't understand the content. Paper was stuck on the tree behind the museum. They were very creepy, but they also seemed to sue something.When I left the museum, there were beautiful views in front of me. I thought it was good to come here. This time I accidentally found this place I think it was a wonderful discovery.

Thank you for reading my story.
See you again.

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