Five Card Story: Scarred Soul

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Once upon a time,there was an assassin named Natasha.
Natasha,was also known as the village "SCAR".

A girl with a beautiful face but a Scarred Soul.Yes, people had seen the evil person in her.

For them,she is a death angel. An angel face who was trained to kill,destroy,and steal.And for her,everything they've said was true.

But, what people doesn't really see is the girl behind the mask.Yes,she was an assassin trained to be perfect like a machine.

But she was not borned assassin,she was an innocent little girl that was taken away from her family,suffered from different kinds of torture.

They've tried to harden her heart by pain. One day,She was given a new mission to kill a new born prince from a rival kingdom.

Without any hesitations, she step her foot right beside the crib where the baby was lying.But in her surprise,the baby was awake and staring at her right through her eyes.
The moment their eyes had contact she suddenly felt uneasy feeling, feeling that was new to her.
She was now feeling bad about the mission,but being the "Scar" her job is to do things without questioning it, whether it's right or wrong, fair or not.

So,she put her right hand to the baby and raise the other to hold the sword. She was ready to strike when the prince suddenly hold her right hand and smiled to her sweetly.Shocked and unable to think,she doesn't realize that tears are flowing down from her eyes.

At last,she finally see someone smiled at her, looked at her without judgement in the eyes. And from that very day, she made a decision to walk away from sin, leaving behind the life she was force to live.

Few years had passed, as she was walking in the palace garden holding a book in her hand,she saw a beautiful wishing flower(Dandelion).

"I had everything I need now. Why should I asked for more?", She said to herself and starts to blow the flowers away.After that,she sat upon an old bench eyeing the stonehedge (The Neolithic Cemetery).

"I think I should pay a visit to an old friend." she said and walk closer to the stonehedge. When she reached the stonehedge,she stop in a certain stone and smiled as she red what was written in it.

"Natasha Aleah Colina"
Born on 13th Day of October
Died on 19th Day of July

"Atleast,someone did really save me.Gave me a new life, life away from the hell I used to live." She said.

As she walks away from her grave. She hugs the book in her hands and hold on to it tightly.

It was, The book that gaves her life,the book the guides her,encourage her to change, the book that belongs to the prince.

The Book of Life, The Bible.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) krutscjo (5) Serenae

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