Five Card Story: World War Z II: Ang Pagbangon ng Api

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a Five Card Flickr story by Jeremiah created Jul 26 2019, 02:48:17 am. Create a new one!

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After the first World War Z where zombies were wiped out by the human forces. The protagonist Brad Pitt died because of cancer. His brave son Jeremiah idolize his father for being a courageous soldier that protected the humans from zombies.

A normal day were all the people are happily living with their families, Jeremiah went to a food cart with his girlfriend Kathryn. The people on the food cart heard a loud scream from the street near them, seconds after a zombie appeared running towards them. Jeremiah grabbed a tube from the food cart and smashed the monster. After he killed it an army of furious zombies appeared from the street and Jeremiah grabbed Kathryn's hand to run away from danger.

They ran so far then Kathryn suddenly stopped to rest. They are now in a train station when they saw a two military veteran. They approached them and said what they saw from the city. In the middle of their conversation another zombies appeared, the brave young man Jeremiah grabbed the gun from the duty belt of the old man and killed the zombies.

The veterans tapped Jeremiah's back and said that he looked like their deceased old military friend and his name is Brad Pitt. Jeremiah told them that he is Brad's son and the two veterans cried together. We ran together to an airport to ran away from the zombies, the two veterans continue to fight against the zombies. Jeremiah said something to the military veterans before they leave "I'll come back to save all the humans, wait for me."

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