Five Card Story: Bruh.

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Henry loved his brand new car. Henry stole the car though. Henry replaced the license plate and drove it everywhere. some might say he was in love. He was terrible at basketball but since his mom was the coach he was guaranteed to be on the team. Henry was playing in the last game of the season.if his team won they would make the playoffs. his team was down by one point and he had the ball. the clock was at 5 seconds. But since henry was terrible at basketball he completely missed the final shot.Everyone was mad at him. days went by and henry had no clue what to do. he had no friends. until one day henry met an edgy guy. that edgy guy was count dracula from elmo. he told henry that he could become the best basketball player in the world if he smelled a specific flower. henry payed dracula for the tip and his journey began. henry drove for days in his stollen car. he came across the field where dracula told him to go. he aproached the flower and snift it. he blacked out and in is head all he heard was dracula saying bruh. dracula tricked henry into smelling a magical flower that he created. draculas flower could teleport you anywhere dracula wishes. Turns out the car that henry stole was draculas. dracula wished death on henry. so when henry finally awoke he was falling from the sky seconds from death. Henry screemed BRUH. those were henrys last words, now thats a bruh moment.

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