Five Card Story: Visiting my Canadian friend.

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After months of waiting , it's finally summer holiday. I promised my friend that i will visit in summer, and now finally it's time to go to Canada! I packed my stuff and put them in the car, then i start driving , it was a lonely trip riding in a lonely street. I kept driving until I arrived to the address my friend sent me .
"Is this the right house?" I asked myself.
I wasn't sure it was the her house until i saw a Canadian flag drawn on the mailbox , at that time i knew exactly it was my friend's house . She used to draw a Canadian flag on all her stuff . What a proud Canadian girl !
I got out of my car and I start dragging my heavy bags across the garden . After walking a few steps I noticed a little boy.
"Matthew! What's up my little guy!" I said.
The kid seemed that he didn't recognize who I am , in fact he ran away from me toward his mother.
"Melanie!" I shouted.
"Hey there! How is my old friend doing?" Melanie asked.
"I am feeling very happy to see you after a long time ago, but... you know ... I am so tired , it was a very long exhausting trip . I cannot feel my legs anymore. " I said.
She giggled after i said that , and looked at the little kid who was hiding behind her.
"Mattie, why don't you say hey to Auntie?" Melanie said.
" He ran away from me , as if i was a creepy monster or something." I said .
" C'mon! He is only five ,of course he won't remember who you are , the first time he saw you was when he was two years old" Melanie said.
"Three years have passed very fast,I still remember when he was very little" I said.
" I know, but he is still cute right ?" Melanie said.

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