Five Card Story: Visiting my Canadian friend.

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After months of waiting , it's finally summer holiday. I promised my friend that i will visit her in summer, and now finally it's time to go to Canada! I packed my stuff and put them in the car then i start driving . It was a very lonely trip . I was glad that the streets were kind of empty so I didn't stuck in traffic . I kept driving until I arrived to the address that my friend sent me.
"Is this the right house?" I asked myself.
I wasn't sure it was her house until i saw a Canadian flag drawn on the mailbox , at that moment i knew exactly it was my friend's house because she used to draw a Canadian flag on all her stuff . What a proud Canadian girl!
I got out of my car and I start dragging my heavy luggage across the garden . After walking a few steps I noticed a little boy.
"Matthew! What's up my little guy!" I said.
The kid seemed that he didn't recognize who I am , in fact he ran away from me toward his mother.
"Melanie!" I shouted.
"Hey there! How is my old friend doing?" Melanie asked.
"I am feeling very happy to see you after a long time ago, but ... you know ... I am so tired , it was a very long exhausting trip . I cannot feel my legs anymore. " I said.
She giggled after i said that , then looked at the little kid who was hiding behind her.
"Mattie, why don't you say hey to Auntie?" Melanie said.
" He didn't recognize me . He ran away from me , as if i was a creepy monster or something." I said .
" C'mon! He is only three years old , of course he won't remember who you are , the first time he saw you was when he was one year old." Melanie said.
"Two years have passed very fast, I still remember when he was very little" I said.
" I know, but he is still so cute , isn't he ?" Melanie said.
"No, not at all, he is not cute." I said.
"Why?" Melanie asked.
" Because he don't remember who I am , and he can not be cute if he don't remember." I said .
" How old are you ?" Melanie asked.
"I am twenty three years old, why asking?" I said.
"Because you act like a little child!" Melanie said.
"Umm... Yeah, because I am still young and beautiful and I want to live the rest of my youth life happily . Not like you Grandma." I said .
"Hey... I am not that old to be a grandma , I am only twenty eight years old." Melanie said angrily.
" OK, grandma." I said while laughing at my friend.
" Stop calling me grandma!" Melanie yelled .
"Okay fine, calm down Melanie! I was just joking," I said " Ugh... You don't have any sense of humor at all."
"I know you were joking , but it bothers me when you call me grandma . I am young too , I am not old ." Melanie sighed.
I looked at Matthew and said " Does he talk ?"
"Of course he does, he is three years old." Melanie replied.
"Then why isn't he saying anything?" I asked.
"Because he is too shy." Melanie responded.
"Mattie, why are you so quiet ?" I said.
I wanted to talk with him but he was timid and scared.
"Oh! I almost forgot. I brought some candy for Mattie." I said while grabbing the candy out of my handbag. He looked at it and reached his hand out to take the candy.
"No,not too fast. You are not getting any candy if you keep hiding." I said.
He walked towards me and said "May i get some candy , please?"
"Of course you may" I said. I handed him some pieces of candy . He was so happy!
" Thank you so much." Matthew said.
"You're welcome!" I said.
"Do you-" Melanie tried to say something but I interrupted her.
" What is that over there! Is it a duck? No, It's a white goose!" I said in excitement.
"Oh, this is my pet." Melanie said.
" You have a goose as a pet ?" I asked.
"Yes, is this bad?" Melanie said.
"No, not at all. This is just unusual . People usually have dogs,cats and maybe even polar bears as pets!" I said."By the way , what is his name?"
" He doesn't have a name yet . I just call him goose." Melanie replied.
" Why don't you call him "Shiro" ?" I said.
"I like this name!" Melanie said.
"It means white in Japanese." I said.
"Cool, I think goose will like his new name" Melanie said while staring at Shiro, but Shiro didn't pay any attention because he is a goose.
" I have a question." I said.
"What is it?" Melanie asked.
"Are we going to stay outside, it starts getting cold , i am so exhausted , and so hungry!" I said " I hope that you cooked some good food."
"Yes, I cooked a lot of delicious food and baked a chocolate cake ." Melanie said.
"Did you say chocolate cake!" I exclaimed "Let's head inside the house right now!"
Melanie giggled then she said " I told you that you are so childish, weird , and funny!"
" I know! Thanks!" I said.
After that Melanie offered to carry my bags . We headed inside her house and then to the kitchen to eat. I filled my stomach with delicious food and cake that my best friend made. I thanked her for everything she did for me today then i went to sleep.

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