Five Card Story: inprisonment

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a Five Card Flickr story by Max Becker created Sep 24 2019, 07:09:23 pm. Create a new one!

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This morning i woke up and instantly jolted up,the sun was beaming directly on my face and after a week of flash flooding and terrible storms this was the greatest relief. I decided to go for a walk and absorb some of this sunlight, on my walk i passed a building id never seen before, this building gave me the erryest and weirdest feeling and the only place i had recognition of this building was my dreams. i decided to walk around the building as it was taking my mind in so many directions. I walked around to the back and saw a child hammering on a window, trying to get anyone's attention, bawling. i stopped and stared in a daze for 5 minutes, the child was still continuously hammering the window when the door slowly started creeping open. in a daze i started walking towards the entrance, when i reached the door and looked inside and was shocked! the floors were all drains and it was relentlessly pouring and storming all over inside the building. Unable to stop myself i continued towards the child, i finally got to the room the child was in and it started storming even harder, the child was still hammering on the window. Pushing threw raindrops the size of acorns and extreme winds i finally got to the child, I put my hand on his shoulder and suddenly we both jolted. Covered in cold sweat and shaking i sat up, looked out my window and it was still pouring. It was all a dream

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