Five Card Story: The Fascinating Life of Sammy

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Emily was only five months old when a nice family adopted her. She had a nice, cozy home and a loving family. She had lots of friends in school and in her neighborhood. When she turned 14, her parents got her a dog for her birthday. It was a lovely golden retriever puppy. She named him Sammy. Emily and Sammy were always together. They would go on walks every morning and night together.
When Emily turned fifteen, she started dating a boy from her school named Nick. He loved Sammy almost as much as Emily did. They all enjoyed spending time together and going on adventures. When Emily turned nineteen, Nick proposed to her. They went a private ship together for vacation and took Sammy with them. He loved the ocean. They moved to New Jersey because of the beautiful North Eastern coast. Sammy adjusted fast to new house fast.
Their neighbors were a young couple like them and had a golden retriever too named Lucky. Sammy and Lucky loved to go to the park and play together. They were with each other as much as they could be. The neighbors, Megan and Alex, became good friends with Emily and Nick. They would have dinner with them some nights or they would go do something downtown together. This worked out good for the dogs because they would get to be left at home together and play all night.

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